Digital Cosmetics – A unique marriage

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

In a recent post, we talked about Gourmet Cosmetics. Today we edge a step ahead – effect of digitisation in cosmetics. Where gourmet ensures local, freshly made exotic care products, companies like bareMinerals have launched a new app, Made-2-Fit that allows consumers to customise a foundation that suits their complexion.

With the growing infiltration of technology into our lives, IoT running our homes and calendars, this app is way ahead of our imagination. Using this app, one scans their face and their unique algorithm MATCHCo custom creates a foundation that is most suited for your skin tone. [1]

The extent to which the digital age can change how one selects their cosmetics is unfathomable. ShadeScout is revolutionising the way colour choices are made. All starts with a click of a favourite colour from any substrate, doughnut to a leather bag, flowers to clothing. ShadeScout shows a list of products available in that colour, from eye-shadow to blush, to lipstick, foundation, etc. The phone camera acts like a mirror to let you try any of those products on yourself in real time. The app gives options to personalise your choices, share on social media and even buy the products online from its linked portal. [2]

At Beautyworld Middle East 2018, a Blend’It concept was presented which allowed consumers to blend their own customised scent. The concept was created by Centdegrés, a creative and strategy consulting agency, with fragrances from Firmenich, one of the world’s largest fragrance houses; dispensed via Albéa’s pumps. Complete products were manufactured by MMB on site. To begin visitors chose between two main base note options; floral or woody followed by selection of two out of four middle notes. After understanding the intricacies of perfume blending and packaging, they could take home up to three variants of perfumes that could be mixed and matched as per their personal preferences. [3]

Overall, consumers are looking for both fun and focus in their day-to-day dressing ritual to make themselves stand out from the crowd. As digitisation advances, opportunities for retail and online custom created make up stores can be expected to rise.





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